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The Realtor gave us two keys to our new house. Do we really need to change our locks?

Absolutely. Your realtor has no way of knowing whether or not those are the only two keys available for the house. Additionally, the keys given to you by the realtor may not necessarily open all the doors your new house. In many cases, the keys used by the realtor to open the front door will open only the front door, because the front door locks were changed for the convenience of showing the house, and not necessarily to secure it.

I bought a bunch of locks at Home Depot. Can you install them for me?
Absolutely! Keep in mind, however, that my usual guarantee will not apply in such cases. My guarantee on all new hardware only applies to such hardware purchased from, and installed by, me! I will, of course, guarantee the function of such locks relative to any keying, master-keying, or the accuracy of the actual installation. Any future malfunctioning of the actual locking mechanisms or hardware itself in these cases shall be the sole responsibility of the manufacturer, or of the retail establishment at which the items were purchased.
You're a good locksmith. Couldn't you make a lot more money if you hired some people to work for you?

Sure, I could. But that would take me away from my clients, and I really don’t want that to happen. The trouble is, I really love what I do for a living– I love meeting my clients, I love hearing their stories, I love seeing the look of satisfaction on their faces when they see that I have made their problem go away, when they see that their house is buttoned up securely. And they love my slogan:

“I answer the phone. I do all of the work, and I guarantee it.”

How long have you been in business?

A2Z Locksmith, Inc. was incorporated in August 1998, and has been continuously in business under that name since that time. Feel free to check this information with the Florida Division of Corporations. I have been told that many companies will go to the trouble of changing their company name and status in order to avoid the ramifications of lawsuits, trade name infringements, and the like. Personally, I take great pride in the reputation of my company, the services I provide, and I plan to remain in this business for a long time to come (with your continuing support).

Have you ever been sued?
No, never. And I consider my liability insurance to be money well-wasted.
“I answer the phone. I do all the work, and I guarantee it.” — The Owner

Our Guarantee

A2Z Locksmith is fully insured and legally compliant with all city, county and state laws and regulations. Your emergencies and less immediate security needs are our only concern. We have served. We will be of service. As owner, operator and neighbor: “I ANSWER THE PHONE. I DO ALL OF THE WORK. AND I GUARANTEE IT!”

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If you work on my locks and I have some kind of problem, how soon can I expect you to come out and help me?
You deserve an immediate response, and you will get one.
Don't locksmiths have a master key that opens all locks?
That’s a common misperception. Master keys can be used for various purposes, and are generally set up in such a way that they will open locks related to keys of a specific group. For example, if you wanted to give a house key to your cleaning lady, you could masterkey a lock in your home to permit her access to that one particular door, while your MASTER KEY continues to open every door in the house! Another advantage is that you only need to rekey one cylinder if your cleaning lady ever leaves your employ—not the entire house!
When you're finished picking my lock, will I still be able to use the old key, or will I need to buy a new lock?
In many, many thousands of jobs, I have yet to unintentionally destroy a lock merely by picking it open. Nor am I one of those locksmiths who intentionally sets out to destroy a lock so that I can sell you a new one (or three, or five). So don’t worry — I always give my client an opportunity to check the lock with their existing key once I get them back inside of their house, or their car, or whatever. Your lock will be perfectly fine once I’m done with it.
What else do you do besides unlock cars and re-key doors?

I do just about anything you can imagine you one might possibly do with a lock or key. Click Here to find a list of services, which, although it is by no means complete, will give you a fairly good idea of what you might expect when you call my company.

Do you only work in Weston?

Actually, I travel all over the county on a fairly regular basis. Although a good portion of my work involves traveling to Davie, Cooper City, Southwest Ranches, Plantation, and Sunrise, I have also run many jobs ranging from Parkland and Coral Springs to Hollywood, Miramar, Wilton Manors, and Victoria Park. Don’t worry — I’m usually all over the County on any given day, so coming out to your house will be my pleasure.

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